THmeSSenger is an instant messaging tool written in C#. It is based on Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) and has a client/server architecture.

THmeSSenger can run on Windows with Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5. The project was developed using Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 and Microsoft Blend Expression 3.

Here are some key features of THmeSSenger.

  • Beautiful graphical user interface
  • Account management
    • Personal information maintenance
    • Status update
    • Custom avatar upload
  • Friend management
    • Adding/deleting friends
    • Friend grouping
  • Private/group chatting
    • Formatted texts
    • Emoticons
    • Images
  • User/group search
  • Message record viewer
  • Advertisement broadcast

The communication between the client and the server are based on TCP connections. We use XML to exchange messages and we have designed a complete set of application level protocol.

THmeSSenger Login

THmeSSenger Main 1

THmeSSenger Main 2

THmeSSenger was a course project for Introduction of Professional Diathesis (Course Number: 44100301) at Tsinghua University from autumn 2010 to spring 2011. The course was to help first year computer software students get a taste of software engineering. The course included lectures, company visits and a guided software development project throughout the whole year.

The team members of THmeSSenger are: Heran Lin, Qi Guo, Yongbo Xiao, Heng Yu, and Hongzhong Chen.